Terms of Use
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Terms of use

Terms of Use for the digital product “60DayBodyBoost”


1.) Scope of Use and Copyright


1.1) The terms of use are (1) accepted through the installation of the digital product “60DayBodyBoost” and (2) through the download purchase by Digistore24 GmbH. If you do not agree to the following terms, please refrain from an installation, electronic order, or access of the product. In this case, you are not entitled to use the product.


1.2.) All contents of the 60DayBodyBoost Challenge are copyrighted (Copyright). The copyright lies with Johannes Löffler (www.60daybodyboost.com). Anyone who violates the copyright (for example, copying the contents to their own homepage without permission) violates Section 106 ff. of the Copyright Act and will be liable to prosecution. He will also be served a notice with a charge and has to pay damages. Copies of content can be tracked on the Internet without great effort.


1.3.) The use of the 60DayBodyBoost is transferred to a particular person by name and may only be installed and used by that person. A transfer of the 60DayBodyBoost Challenge to third parties is strictly prohibited.


1.4.) The purchaser is obliged to take suitable precautions which prevent the 60DayBodyBoost from being used by persons other than the named person.


1.5.) The buyer is entitled to use the 60DayBodyBoost exclusively for private purposes. This right of use includes the right to access the product or to use it on a terminal for private purposes.


1.6.) The downloading, saving or archiving of the videos provided online is not allowed.


1.7) Furthermore, the buyer is prohibited from removing the copyright notices, trademarks and other rights in the downloaded content.


2.) The User’s State of Health


2.1.) The preconditions of the use of the 60DayBodyBoost Challenge is a good general health condition. For cardiovascular and / or pulmonary disease as well as for spinal and / or joint problems or other health restrictions, we recommend you consult a doctor before starting the 60DayBodyBoost Challenge.


2.2.) The 60DayBodyBoost Challenge is not suitable for persons under 18 years.


2.3.) 60DayBodyBoost does not replace any medical examination or treatment. It is not a medical consultation.


2.4.) The use of the 60DayBodyBoost (includes training and nutritional plan) happens at your own risk.


3.) Legal Transfer of Rights of the User


3.1.) By submitting the before and after pictures / videos to info@60daybodyboost.com, the user transfers us, free of charge, the unlimited temporal and spatial rights to publicly use the pictures / videos uploaded by the user in the context of advertising. These include, for example, the Internet, social networks (for example, Facebook), trade fairs and company events, and presentations. The user allows us to distribute his / her images / videos as well as to reproduce, edit, reshape, alienate, shorten, divide, cut and link with other images / videos, media or other works and services.


3.2.) With the placing of content, in particular of pictures / videos as well as comments and personal experience written / created by the user, the user transfers us the temporally and spatially unlimited right to these contents in connection with “60DayBodyBoost” in all media advertising on the Internet, in social networks (e.g. Facebook), at trade fairs and company events and at presentations, making them publicly accessible, publicly perceivable, publicly presentable, as well as reproducing and distributing them, multiplying, editing and transforming them free of charge.