Fit Models - It's time for your dream body 2018
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Fit Models

“We pulled through!”

A selection of our BodyBoost Fit Models and their successes after ONLY 60 days!

  • Natalie Horler (CASCADA)

    “The program enhanced my fitness level and properly prepared myself for my upcoming tour.”

  • Lina

    ``I think it’s great that the program has not ben stupidly written down. You can tell that a lot of thought has been put into it.``

  • Annie

    “Those 60 days meant a complete alteration for me and I can now look back to a body full of strength, which I can use as an excellent basis for cycling.”

  • Carmen

    “Pictures speak for themselves. I don’t need to say more :-)”

  • Max F.

    “You get distinctly better with every training you execute. Both mentally and physically.”

  • Georgios

    “In the studio, you were considered an expert on gaining the perfect body, even though you’ve been working out years before that too, but were never asked for tips before the challenge.”

  • Marius

    “The 60DayBodyBoost has redefined my boundaries and motivated me to continue on the fast track!”

  • Sarah

    “Simply great. Because of the program, I have increased my strength and power.”

  • Hussein

    ``The training pushes you to your limits, but it is a great feeling. It is mostly completed within 60 min.``

  • Lino

    ``The exercises are fun and are motivating. I felt much fitter after just a few weeks.``

  • Clint

    “I am proud that I pulled through!”

  • Jonathan K.

    ``I felt that I was increasing my mental and physique limit.``

You can do it too!

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