About Johannes Loeffler - 60DayBodyBoost
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About Johannes Löffler

I will make this as short as possible, so you can get a little impression of me. My name is Johannes Löffler, my friends call me “Jojo” and I have always been a passionate athlete. After graduating from high school, I obtained a degree in sports sciences from the German Sports University of Cologne, as well as further education in the area of fitness.


As a model, I traveled the world and have been present on all the markets a model should have. In order to be successful in this industry, the body shape must, of course, also fit. Therefore, working out is a MUST and I LOVE IT. My goal was never to be bulky. That would have not worked for me as a model. I put my training goals on performance and definition. A well-shaped and powerful body as you may say.


Do you have the same goal? Then the 60DayBodyBoost is the right program just for you. If you want to find out more about me, you can follow me or visit my website: www.jojo-loeffler.com


Sincerely, Johannes