Affiliate Program with up to 50% commission
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Affiliate Program

Start our own business with the 60DayBodyBoost and get up to 50% commission!

Possibilities: Just one programme sold per day will increase your income around 9.000,00€ gross per year !!!

60 Day Workout Plan

We all have little time on our hands. This is why you will only need less than four hours a week to complete the workout. Every workout day includes detailed and easy-to-follow descriptions.

Nutrition Plan

You will receive easy and personally suited nutrition guidelines. I am telling you exactly what you are allowed to eat and when to achieve the best results.

There will be NO meal specifications. You will remain in control of your meals without counting calories.

This program allows you to eat your CARBS in the evening !!!

Exclusive Recipes by EATPERFORMANCE

You will also receive delicious recipes from the EAT PERFORMANCE – the experts for healthy and performance-optimized nutrition.


Performance Test

I want to prove to you that you will not only look better with this program, but that you will also gain more strength and athletics. The test measures your fitness level before and after completing the program. You will be able to reach your aesthetic goals with the right performance targets.

Videos of all exercises

All exercises are available as videos for you in order for me to show you exactly what you have to look out for.

Hormon optimization checklist

Everything rises and falls with hormones. A little knowledge on sports science comes in handy here. My checklist will offer you the perfect basis to optimize your hormone balance and ensures that you will get the most out of the program.

Convenient mobile use

Just download the FREE APP for your personal LogIn.

Only 49,90 € (tax included)

A strong program with fair conditions. After purchase your LogIn is valid for 100 days.

Before we start make sure you know about the USP’s. What makes the Programme so special?

  1. One of the shortest and cheapest programs on the market, including the most effective training methods for maximum results.
  2. You are allowed to eat your carbs in the evening. Who doesn’t want it? 🙂
  3. Short Training Sessions: 3-4 (each around 1 hour) sessions per week. No need to train every day.
  4. Performance Test: It’s not just about the transformation. The test measures your fitness level.
  5. Hormon Optimization Checklist: The checklist will offer you the perfect basis to optimize your hormone balance and ensures that you will get the most out of the programme.

The fitness market is full of programmes. Therefore it’s really important that you know about the USP’s. Especially time is a limited factor nowadays. Most people want to reach their fitness goals in the shortest time with minimum effort. So let’s start now earning money!

Step 1: Create a free (Vendor) Account with Digistore24!

Just click on the button underneath to sign up at Digistore24. (The product code is already linked to the 60DayBodyBoost programme.)

Step 2: After registration you will receive your Personal Promotion Link.

Never forget to add your Personal Promotion Link while promoting the product! Otherwise we can’t track the sells made through your recommendation.


(for example:

Step 3: Download banner, pictures and covers to promote the product. Especially useful for your Social Media.

You will find the download links at the end of this page.


Social Media is a big market to earn money with this programme. Especially if you have a bunch of followers. Be a role model for fitness enthusiastics.


Don’t forget to place your Promotion Link under your posts or place it as a Link-Button on your website/landing page!

(for example:

Youtube Video

In this video I give a short explanation what the 60DayBodyBoost is about. You can use that video too, if you like – english with a german accent 🙂

Johannes Löffler erklärt den 60DayBodyBoost. Die Transformation. Hole Dir die Challenge.


Don’t forget to place your Promotion Link under your posts or place it as a Link-Button on your website/landing page!

(for example:

Discount Codes

You will receive exclusive discount codes every now and then. We want to help you pushing your sells especially at the beginning.

Reviews/Pre-After Picture

Reviews: Ask your customers for a review at the Facebook-Page. A positive review is a benefit for everyone. Also for you!


Pre-After Pictures/Video of motivation: Ask your challengers for their pre-after picture or for a video of motivation. Those will help us increasing your business.

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